Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Current Status

The only reason I am able to add these post is thanks to Bob's Aunt Debbie and her family. They have graciously aloud us to use their A&M house in College Station. I decided on Sunday, after two days of no power, that we should just get out of town considering gas and ice were hard to come by. We cleaned out our fridge and Bob's parents fridge and headed to College Station. We are very comfortable where we are. There is lots of space for us to spread out and lots of land for the boys to run around and play. On Monday my mom and I took the kids to A&M University to look around. We found a big tree for the kids to climb in (see attached pics) right beside the bonfire memorial. They have a really pretty campus. Bob, who managed to fix his schedule to miss the hurricane, met up with us on Monday night in College Station.

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