Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seems Like Vacation

On Tuesday evening we had a little bit of a scare with Trenton. He woke complaining of his leg hurting. That evening we noticed his toe looked infected and there was streaking up his leg. I called a cousin of mine who lives in town and is a Dr....he happened to have a pediatrician that lives next door to him. Long story short. We ran over then at 10:00 at night and she diagnosed him with staff. We got him some antibiotic and he was much better the next morning. By that evening he was back to full health (as you can see in the pics). Yesterday Aunt Debbie came to the compound so we helped her clean up the yard. The boys picked up branches and sticks. They were somehow very motivated when they learned we were going to make a bonfire with all the branches. Today we learned that Bob's parents got their power back, and we are suppose to get ours back by Monday. So, tomorrow we are headed to Conroe to stay with Grammie and Papa till our power comes back on. The Lord has blessed us tremendously through this whole thing. We feel so blessed. No damage to either one of our homes....and plenty of family to support us and help us through all this. Thank you Lord!!!

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